February 28th, 2019

We, the Dover Bay Newspaper Club, are happy to present our first edition of the The Dover Bay Mirror, our school’s newspaper. The members of the Newspaper Club have worked tirelessly to get the paper up and running present the current news within Dover to its students. The Mirror is still looking for new members and is always open to people joining, so if you would like to join come to D209 on Wednesdays at lunch. We plan on releasing are articles monthly so our next one should come out on March 28th, 2019. The Dover Bay Mirror has several articles in which we require questions or suggestions to be submitted from students, such as Dolphins and Dumpsters our version of Beef and Bouquet, Letter To The Editor and our Advice Column. You may submit questions or a Dolphin/Dumpster through our email, Dovernewspaper@gmail.com or our Instagram @DoverNewspaper. All submissions by students will remain anonymous, and submissions may not contain names of other students or faculty. We hope that you enjoy our Newspaper and interact with our articles.

What We Think You Should Read! Elanor and Park

Eleanor and Park, written by Rainbow Rowell, is set in the town of Omaha, Nebraska in 1986. It follows the extraordinary love story of two misfits. Eleanor and Park, two teenagers who originate from diverse backgrounds, develop a relationship as they find acceptance amongst one another. Eleanor, the new girl at school, quickly becomes the punchline of cruel jokes from her peers (her weird choice in fashion and her figure becoming the only thing people seem to care about). On her first day at school, Eleanor sits beside a quiet, reserved boy on the bus named Park. He offers a seat to Eleanor despite being strangers. Over the course of the story, they develop an odd friendship as they discover many similar interests. Exchanging cassettes, comics and jokes over the months, their friendship starts to bloom into something more. They learn more about each other’s personal lives, and some intruding aspects of which begin to interfere with their relationship.  Eleanor and Park’s story is painfully relatable, even as external forces and problems within their personal lives threaten to drive these two apart. This threat continues to grow and shift throughout their love story, eventually causing them to risk everything to stay together.
Overall this book gets a 5/5 rating from us, and is more than worth the hype. This book will make you cry, laugh, and fall in love within the same chapter, which is hard for a book to achieve. The characters seem so real, you begin to feel everything they are feeling. You can enjoy the rush of being young and in love. If you ever have the chance to read this amazing book, you won’t regret it.

Dolphins and Dumpsters!

Dolphin: To the amazing staff and students at the Dover Bay Mirror for getting the Newspaper up and running. We used to have a Newspaper and I am glad that it got resurrected. The Newspaper is a amazing way to showcase student writing and I am so glad It is back again.

Dumpster: To the students who think “the Newspaper, Isn’t that just the announcements? ”. NO it is not we are an individual way to receive news.

Dolphin: To Mr. McPherson for sponsoring the Newspaper Club, we couldn’t have done it without you !

Dumpster: To kids who vape in class, there is a reason it’s called the classroom not the VAPE room. I don’t need to feel like i’m inside a vape sauna when i’m just trying to learn about the powerhouse of the cell.

Dolphin: To student council for organizing the Spirit Days, It’s so much fun to participate in those and they are so rewarding.

Dumpster: To the students who randomly just stop/walk super slow in the hallway during class change, one day I hope there is a plague that unleashes itself upon you.

Remember! You can submit your own Dolphins and Dumpsters at our email dovernewspaper@gmail.com or at our instagram, @dovernewspaper

Arts and Proficiency in Craftsmanship!

Dover Bay has always been a school open and willing to support the varied talents of it’s students. This year, we can see this talent expressed in Dover Bays variety night, Dover’s Got Talent, as well as the students that attended the BC Skills Competition. Variety Night is being held by the Model UN club this year on March 8th at 7pm and acts have been chosen over the past few weeks.  The acts will be judged on their creativity/originality, technical ability, audience response, stage presence/professionalism, and entertainment value by the four judges, Ms. Ryan, Mr. King, Mr. Brennan, and Ms. Gvojich.  This show will be showcasing students talents as they compete for money prizes. First place will be awarded $100. There will also be smaller prizes awarded. There are a diverse range of acts that will be performing including singing from french opera to self-written songs, music, and dancing.  The Model UN club states, “they’re deeply grateful for how well this show is turning out.” They cannot wait to see the audiences reaction as they think it will be “jaw-dropping”. Make sure to come out to the show on March 8th at 7pm for some amazing competitors with fantastic skills.
Students from the textiles, woodwork, metal work, robotics, coding, and cooking/baking classes at Dover Bay have recently gone to the BC Skills Competition.  These students headed to VIU on February 22nd to compete in the different sections of the BC skills competitions, each having a certain amount of hours to finish a project related to their skill from scratch and hopefully go onto provincials in Vancouver.  The students competed against many other secondary students from across the island. Two girls in grade 10 that competed in the textiles section won first and second for their jackets that they made in just 6 hours. The school is very proud of their competitors accomplishments.


Mar 20 – Apr 20, Rabbit, use your strong personality to your benefit in projects and take strong leadership roles.

Apr 20 – May 21, Turtle,Your kind and gentle nature will help you to help a friend and maybe even make a new one.

May 21 – Jun 21, Fawn, something important is about to happen in your life so be on the lookout for a sign.

Jun 21 – Jul 23, Bear, be brave and try something new for it’s likely to turn out in your favour.

Jul 23 – Aug 23, Dog, be extra prepared for any difficult situations such as tests or presentations. This is not your week for them and if your not prepared it could backfire.

Aug 23 – Sep 23, Eagle, are naturally curious. Try reading a new book or watching a movie you haven’t watched before, it might turn out to be something you like.

Sep 23 – Oct 23, Fox, if you have feelings for someone now is the time to tell them. Be brave speak up.

Oct 23 – Nov 22, Frog, this is your chance to showcase your humor, so if you want to try a new joke this is the time.

Nov 22 – Dec 22, Wolf, you’re going to meet someone you’ll be extremely close to in the near future so be ready.

Dec 22 – Jan 20, Horse, if you have a question don’t be afraid to ask, this will help you in your academic endeavours.

Jan 20 – Feb 18, Owl, do not let your curiosity get the best of you or it might lead to you to discover something you would rather not find out.

Feb 18 – Mar 20, Platypus, if you’re trying something new and are struggling, stick with it and don’t be discouraged. After all if it first you don’t succeed try try again.

The Academic Departments: Social Studies

In an attempt to combat declining enrollment in Socials classes among seniors, the Dover Bay faculty will be introducing five new options for Socials courses: Comparative Cultures, Indigenous Studies, Philosophy, Political Studies, and Economic Theory. These options will be added to the preexisting courses of 20th Century World History, Physical Geography, Human Geography, Law, Genocide Studies, and Social Justice. A Socials teacher involved in the decision to introduce new courses says that… “teachers hope to reach a wider range of students with a greater variety of classes covering different elements of the social studies.” These new courses will be introduced in the 2019/2020 school year, but they will only run if enough students express interest during the course selection process. Grade Elevens and Twelves can take the courses, so if you’re not sure what electives to take, consider expanding your understanding of history and humanity.